German onlineshop for Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a fashion and lifestyle house based in Metzingen, Germany engaged in the men's and women's upscale. This fashion house named after its founder, Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss currently has 6102 stores in 110 countries. Hugo Boss is directly has 364 retail stores with 1,000 stores owned by franchisees.

Its products are made in various places, including his own production site in Izmir, Turkey (the most important production site); Radom, Poland; Morrovalle, Italy Cleveland, USA; and Metzingen, Germany.

Hugo Boss has licensing agreements with various companies to create branded products Hugo Boss. And some examples of products hugo boss in Germany, among others:
  • Hugo Boss Sakko men  is elegant clothes, usually used by the employers or male models. 
  • Hugo Boss Hemd is formal wear for men. The berbentung clothes and elegant design for those who do not want left with the gini made​​. 
  • Hugo Boss Pulli is the dress of men and women siple design for casual wear that is usually used to relax with family.
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