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Hugo Boss is a fashion and lifestyle house based in Metzingen, Germany engaged in the men's and women's upscale. This fashion house named after its founder, Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss currently has 6102 stores in 110 countries. Hugo Boss is directly has 364 retail stores with 1,000 stores owned by franchisees.

Its products are made in various places, including his own production site in Izmir, Turkey (the most important production site); Radom, Poland; Morrovalle, Italy Cleveland, USA; and Metzingen, Germany.

Hugo Boss has licensing agreements with various companies to create branded products Hugo Boss. And some examples of products hugo boss in Germany, among others:
  • Hugo Boss Sakko men  is elegant clothes, usually used by the employers or male models. 
  • Hugo Boss Hemd is formal wear for men. The berbentung clothes and elegant design for those who do not want left with the gini made​​. 
  • Hugo Boss Pulli is the dress of men and women siple design for casual wear that is usually used to relax with family.
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Pornography Abuse and Its Effects On Male Sexuality

In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.
Is everything making sense so far? If not, I'm sure that with just a little more reading, all the facts will fall into place.
Pornography is a contentious subject. Some people react very negatively to any reference or mention of pornographic material, and some claim it is a natural manifestation of human sexuality.

It seems that the two sides of the argument boil down to the following positions:
1. Pornography is bad because religion tells us so, or because it is degrading to women, or some other reason that doesn't really affect the men watching it.
2. Pornography is good because we need to be sexually liberated and in touch with our sexuality.

I think both sides are wrong. I strongly believe that we need to liberate ourselves sexually and get in touch with our sexuality, and yet - all evidence points to the fact that pornography in general, and masturbation to pornography specifically, have little to do with natural sexuality and are extremely unhealthy for males.

Let's start from the basics. When you place a male rat and a female rat in the same cage, the first thing that happens is a frenzy of copulation. Afterwards, the male loses interest and finds a place to rest somewhere. However, if you replace the female rat with another "fresh" female, he immediate wakes up, courts her, and another frenzy of copulation ensues. This process can be repeated until the male rat literally dies of exhaustion.

This phenomenon is called the Coolidge Effect - the extent to which novelty increases sexual attraction (by the way, surprisingly, the effect also occurs in females). The mechanism by which it works is the same as any other desire or craving in our body. The introduction of novelty increases the production of Dopamine, the "wanting" neurochemical, and causes us to get sexually excited.

Other factors that might increase Dopamine secretion and get us more sexually excited than usual are:
* Very attractive females.
* Overt sexual behavior.
* Novel situations or scenarios
* Easy & immediate access.
* Etc.

Take all these factors together -- a multitude of novel mates, who are very attractive, behave in a very sexual way, and are just a click away -- and you get today's internet porn. In one typical session you can see 30 or 40 different beautiful girls do the things you've always dreamed of, and obviously your brain will respond with enormous amounts of Dopamine; sometimes hundreds of times higher than during normal intercourse.

Where's the problem, you ask?

The problem is that our cells adjust to this unusual super-stimulus by desensitizing themselves to Dopamine. So if previously we got excited by looking at one average girl in tight jeans, now we get just as excited by looking at 40 different pornstars for an entire hour.

And when we see that average girl in tight clothes again, our bodies will do.. nothing. We'll be bored, perhaps even impotent. Consciously every man knows that sex is great and this girl is hot, but physically the response could be dull or non-existent.

My experience in coaching hundreds of men with sexual difficulties leads me to believe that the extent of this problem is severely underestimated by most experts. I suspect that at least 20-30% of young American males suffer from erectile dysfunction to the point of partial impotence, just as 79% of all Americans are overweight (and a large percentage of those are obese) - they have overstimulated their brain circuitry by introducing stimuli that our brains were not evolved to consume.

Our genes have evolved over 2,000,000 years, but only in the last 100 years did we start consuming so much sugary and fatty food, and only in the last 40 years did we start routinely watching pornographic movies that are so life-like our mind mistakes them for reality. The average caveman would be lucky to sleep with a dozen women in his lifetime; the porn user's brain thinks he sleeps with 40 gorgeous women every day. It's not surprising that after a while, something might go awry.

What's the solution, you ask?

If you are one of those who masturbates to porn more than 2-3 times a week, and have been doing it for years - the first step would be to admit that it's a problem and it negatively affects your sexual performance.

The second step would be - doing the same things an overweight person would do to fix his chronic overeating. In other words, a sexual diet that either:
1. Strictly regulates the total amount of stimulus, or
2. Eliminates all bad stimulus and allows for unlimited good stimulus.

These two approaches work the same way diets do. The first one is similar to strict diets where calories are counted and food is eaten according to a specific daily regimen. The second one is similar to atkins / paleo / primal / mediterranean and other similar diets, where certain classes of foods are eliminated and you can eat arbitrary amounts of anything else.

The choice is yours to make, of course, but since I have helped many guys with this specific situation before, I can recommend a standard approach that should work for most men:
1. Eliminate all pornography, without exception.
2. Limit sex to 2-3 ejaculations per week or less.
3. Limit masturbation to 1 ejaculation per week or less (using nothing but your imagination).
4. Keep a journal and maintain this diet for at least 60 days, then read your notes and reevaluate how to proceed.

For most men, a period of 60-90 days should be sufficient to restore a healthy & natural sexual response. In some very difficult cases, when pornography was introduced at a very early age, it might take longer.

But in all cases the addiction (and yes, it is an addiction) can be broken rather painlessly if one adheres to the plan and maintains good discipline.

That's how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

What Clothes Suit My Body Shape?

You may have heard many people asking, what clothes suit my body shape? This is a question that has been asked by lots of women and the answer is simple. It totally depends on what clothes your body can carry. You must feel good in the clothes you wear; otherwise there is no point in wearing them.
You must also understand your body type; this is would enable you to choose clothes that make your figure prominent. Apart from this, the occasion is also important. Your clothing must be according to the function; whether you are going to wear casual or formal clothing etc. But perhaps, the most important consideration has to be your body type and size. There can be many variations, whether you are tall, petite or a plus size woman; your size should certainly be the first step towards determining the clothes you should wear.
If you are a petite; which certainly doesn't mean slender but women who are under height of 5'4'', then your clothing proportions should be different. For clothing made for petites, it is imperative that the best fit clothes are purchased. You must use less clothing on the torso area to achieve the best fit. As far as colors are concerned, you must wear one color as this would make you look taller. Always buy or get custom made clothes, so that the correct fit is attained. Also, you must wear heals so that it gives the clothes the flowing look you want.
For plus size women, or as some would call them as a full figured women, there are quite a few options to consider. First thing to consider is the size; clothing should be fit as you certainly wouldn't want to look bulgy in loose clothing. Also, you should not wear tight clothes if you have a fuller figure as this would make you look big and certainly not glamorous. What you should do is to create a balance; your top should be flowing and your bottom should be a fit with a jeans. Straight leg jeans would be perfect fit for plus size women.
Finally, women, who are slender, can carry a lot of clothes, but only if they have the curves. If you are just skinny without any curves then you will have problems in finding clothes that would fit well. So, if you are slender without curves, then you must look for slightly loose fit clothing with bright colors as that would hide your bust and chest areas, because they might be too skinny. You can wear skinny jeans without any problems but don't try to wear a tight top with it as this would make you look like a small tom boy. Try to wear something that gathers easily around the waist area. This will enhance your waistline to give it a curvier look.
Lastly, you should not be afraid to experiment; no matter whatever body type you have, you should be able to carry the clothes and should feel natural in them.

A Brief History of Women's Dresses

The history of women's dresses throughout the course of history is particularly interesting. For a start, did you realise, that dresses were not originally a fashion for women. In many cultures throughout history, and throughout the world, dresses have been worn by men; consider the Scottish kilt (although kilts are reported to be of Scandinavian heritage), or the toga worn by the ancient Greeks, to understand this fact. Interesting facts aside, here, we will consider the history of women's dresses during the early stages of the 20th century, concentrating particularly on Western history.
For fashionable women, understanding a little of the history of dresses goes a long way for informing a sense of style. The reason for this is down to current fashion trends, which consistently take from previous fashions to create new trends. By understanding the past, it is possible to incorporate the best the past has on offer into your own sense of contemporary style, and create a unique style that is avant-garde in its approach to fashion. A true fashionista knows how to take influences from previous fashions to create elegance that is truly unique.
During the rather demure times of the early 1920s, it was common to see masculine styles of dress, with strong angles, made from sturdy materials, but this changed dramatically as we moved into the 1930s. The 30s heralded a return to the feminine ideal, with a change of hemline and cut, this was a frugal age, and was reflected in the attire of the times, with very little disposable income, families were required to 'make do and mend'.
Literally, if clothes were damaged, they were then mended; this gave rise to some very unusual, but innovative designs, when new clothes were fashioned from the odds and ends of old clothes. Dresses tended to be extremely slimming and well fitted, the reason for this was a lack of materials from which to work, where dressmakers were required to fashion women's dresses out of less material, because of this, we saw the hemlines rise a good few inches, and clothes tailored for a close fit. These dresses were extremely stylish and elegant.
During the 1930s and 1940s, we saw a cultural shift in attitudes towards women, who were slowly becoming liberated within society - with the women's movement, arrived a significant shift in fashion, which moved towards more revealing creations. Women's dresses were fashioned with lower backs, revealing the upper portions of the buttocks, and waists were tucked in, women's bodies became the focal point of their outfits, whereas in the past, fashion strived to conceal the female form.
The war years, and the post war years, brought further poverty and lack of provisions, again, hemlines were taken up to save money and time. This trend gave rise to the 1960s and the invention of the mini-skirt, the shortest style of dress to date.

Where to Find Inexpensive Infant Boy Clothing

It seems almost everyone is trying to find ways to cut down on spending these days. The cost of living continues to rise while salaries are staying the same or even dropping. It is possible for adults on a clothing budget to economize by wearing last year's garments. However, due to the fact that babies are growing every day, this method doesn't work with them. So how do you avoid breaking the bank when it comes to keeping your little people looking fashionable?
There are ways to be frugal and to keep your infant boy looking well dressed at the same time. Check out second-hand stores. Since babies don't put much wear and tear on their clothes, they usually outgrow them before they wear them out. Therefore it is easy to find gently used infant clothing at a price you can afford.
Surf the internet. Online auction sites are excellent sources for new or slightly used infant boy clothing. For used clothes, it is wise to pay special attention to the condition rating before you bid or buy. Make sure there is a return policy for those used items that may not arrive in their promised condition.
Do not hesitate to shop discount stores for infant boy clothing. It is a very wise shopper and parent who realizes that it is not sensible to buy high priced designer outfits for babies who will outgrown them after only a few uses.
Form a clothing exchange program with your neighbors or family members who have small children. Ask everyone to save their used, but still good, items of clothing and take advantage of hand-me-downs for everyday dressing. Save your clothing funds for outfits that will be worn for dress-up occasions.
With a little ingenuity you will find that it is not difficult to find inexpensive infant boy clothing and still be able to dress your baby well.

How to Put Together a Great Plus Size Wardrobe

Being a plus size woman is not as difficult as it used to be. There are so many more stylish clothes available. It use to be all you could find was dresses that looked like circus tents and ugly polyester pull on pants with brightly printed knit tops well those days are gone. There are many stores and catalogs that cater to the plus size woman. You can also find quite large plus size departments in your traditional retailers. So having a fashionable well put together wardrobe is not the challenge it use to be for the plus size woman. Gone are the days of the drab,dull boring clothes of the plus size woman. In this article I would like to give you some insight in what to choose to be a well dressed and fashionable plus size woman.
First, having a basic suit is always a good idea. It doesn't matter if it is a skirt or pant suit. Just make sure it fits you properly and is in a basic color. It doesn't have to be black anymore, gray, shades of brown, navy and dark greens are also acceptable. You can mix and match these pieces with soft feminine blouses as well as wearing them with knit shells and tees. A good suit can go from work to evening attire by just changing your accessories.
Secondly, no wardrobe is complete without good fitting pants. Every woman should have a good fitting pair of black pants as well as a great fitting pair of jeans. Jeans are no longer made to fit just pencil thin bodies. Many of the best names in jeans make pants to fit the plus size customer. These bottoms can be worn with a wide assortment of tops and with the right shoes can take you anywhere. There are so many great tops for the plus size woman ranging from gaily colored peasant blouses to a crisp white shirt and wonderful assortments of sweaters. Most important don't be afraid to experiment with fashion.
Third, the plus size lady is no different then the regular size customer. Her wardrobe is not complete without the little black dress. Having the right black dress can take you from the office, to the theater and even to wedding that is not over the top formal. Ladies don't forget it is all about how you choose to accessorize your dress.
Lastly, shoes no woman can ever have too many shoes. A lot of women who may way wear plus size clothes wear regular width shoes so here is where you can really have fun. But also keep in mind that if you need a wide size there are many stores and catalogs that specialize in wide width shoes and have all of the great styles available. Just like in dressing it is always a good idea to have a basic pair of black heel and flats you can wear them with anything. From there you can branch out with sling backs, platforms, sandals and whatever your desire is. Have fun a great pair of shoes can spruce up any outfit. Ladies I am trying to tell you, it is a new age the plus size woman can be a shining star along with her sisters.


Wardrobe Basics For the Plus Size Woman

Hello, my curvy, confident, chic, plus-size divas. As we change fashion seasons (yes, Resort is already in stores and Fall is about to showcase in February), designers and fashion insiders declare a new "it" item to add to your amazing wardrobe. We see this in every fashion magazine and fashion website. As a plus size woman, you desire to look and feel as chic as the next straight sized woman does. However, before you go out and try to find the latest picks for the season, you must invest in specific wardrobe basics that will transcend all trends and fads.
Investing in quality pieces allows you to wear these items for years to come. Another benefit for investing adds stability to your wardrobe and will not need an overhaul with each season's passing trend. The following list will help the curvy, confident, chic. Plus- size woman put together a basic wardrobe for every occasion. Do not worry; every item on the list will have recommendations where you can purchase your basics!
1. Underneath it all. Before you dress your amazing curves, you must set the proper foundation. In order for your clothes to fit well and lay right, the underpinnings that you wear underneath it all will set the tone for the entire outfit. This includes proper fitting bra, panties, shape wear, and hosiery.", Spanx, and OOLA all provide the proper support every woman should have.
2. The LBD reinvented. Turn Heads with the little black dress that is a key staple for every woman regardless of size. This staple should be classic in its cut and shape for you to go from day to night. With a change of accessories and shoes, the LBD will allow you to always have a go-to outfit when you have nothing to wear. Kiyonna", Anna Scholz, and Igigi give you the ultimate chic basic to your wardrobe.
3. The Transformational Suit. Life and its many transitions always call for a suit that can capture any situation. Not only does a suit suffice for an interview or work event, but breaking it up allows for finishing pieces in your wardrobe. The jacket can be worn with your trousers, skirt, or dress, and the suit pants can be worn with a fashionable blouse for a less casual setting. Trentacosta, Igigi, and KIYONNA have amazing dress suit and pantsuits for every occasion!
4. Amazing Booty hugging Jeans. Gone are the days when premium denim was not available for the curvy, confident, chic. Plus size diva! Finding a perfect pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack. Have no fear- designer premium denim is available for all of your curves. A great pair of premium denim will allow you to feel put together, regardless of the occasion. If you do not have a amazing pair, opt for a dark rinse that can be dressed up or down- giving your wardrobe more options! David Kahn, Embody Denim by Natalie Wakeling, Svboda, and Paige make sure your curevs all perfectly covered!
5. The White (or any colored) Crisp Button-Up Blouse. As boring as it may seem, a great fitting button up blouse is The catch all for any occasion. This basic will allow you something to always come back to! Whether it be a suit, skirt, or jeans, a classic button up will always finish your polished look. Gayla Bentley, En.V New York, Addition Elle 14+, Marie Melodie keep your shape in mind with amazing tailoring!
6. Tantalizing Trench Coat. Depending on the climate you live in, every woman (with or without curves) needs a Chic Trench coat to wear! Depending on your shape, many options can transcend the elements. You can always look like a curvy, confident, chic diva wearing a trench coat that contours, enhances, and highlights your assets! Anna Scholz , Guess by Marciano, Hilary Radley, Nine West all provide amazing options!
7. Color me Beautiful! To prevent your wardrobe form being bland, you must have an amazing blouse, dress, or jacket in an amazing color! I am the hugest fan of jewel tones, because of their richness in color, but choose a color that makes you feel sexy, fun, flirty, and fabulous! Color breaks up the humdrum of the wardrobe. Do not be afraid to splash a little attitude with color!
8. Accessorize to maximize. Your accessories are like icing to a cake. Whether it be your jewelry, shoes, handbag, scarf, ring, (you get my point) accessories pull your outfit together! Wearing all black? Punch some flavor with bright blue stilettos or Lucite jewelry! Feeling blah? Your accessories can add that finishing touch. I never leave the house without my earrings- Never! And being a curvier gal, jewelry in our sizes does exist! Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are all available in ranges of sizes! Emitations makes fun costume jewelery in YOUR size.
These basics will make dressing your curvy, confident, chic. frame so much easier, and as the seasons change, you will not have to overhaul your wardrobe each season! All you have to do is accentuate your wardrobe with these essentials.

How To Find Trendy Plus Size Evening Dresses

Trendy dresses have always been a weakness for ladies. Every woman wants to look "the best" on any event no matter if they are slim or plus size. Finding a trendy dress for a slim smart and chic lady is not a problem. In fact if you have a good figure every dress looks nice on you and you would get confused when it comes to selecting from many different designs. But if you are plus size then you find it even more difficult to get a stylish trendy and beautiful evening dress. But there is nothing to worry about. You can get a trendy dress for your upcoming event if you read the following points.
Always keep one thing in mind. If you are plus size that does not mean you can't wear trendy dresses or you would not look nice in a fashionable and stylish dress. It depends upon how you carry yourself in a particular dress. So be confident while choosing a dress for you but keep your size in mind. You need to know which style suits your body type.
While choosing a dress you should focus on getting dark colors. Most women go for black to get a slimmer look but it is not necessary that black would make you look slimmer. At times black color highlights your heavy parts and makes you look much heavier than what you really are. Navy blue, purple and burgundy are very nice to serve this propose. If you are fed up of wearing dark colors all the time and want to try light colors then you can use a dress that has contrast of light and dark colors but the design should cover your bulges for example if your dress is dark from the centre portion and light from sides this would help you to cover your side flab or love handles.
Do not go for big bold patterns in the dress as these would look wider. You can get vertical thin stripes as this pattern is ideal to create the illusion of slim body. Short dresses make you look trendy especially if you are a teen. You can wear a short dress that has V- neckline as V neckline gives a sleek look. A line is never out of trend because of their elegant look; you can go for an A-line dress to look trendy and yet elegant.
You may get a trendy dress that suits you but you are never completely dressed up if you don't have a perfect pair of shoe; heals create a classy and elegant look; avoid wearing flat shoes with your trendy and beautiful evening dress.
When it comes to finding all these you can depend on only one resource which is the internet. Most shops do not keep plus size dresses. This is why internet shopping becomes the most convenient place for bigger women to shop. If you look at the right places you will find a large variety and great discounts that will make shopping easy and frugal.

Women's Clothing - Tips For Buying Your Spring Wardrobe

There is nothing more fear inducing than the though of hitting the stores to buy that new spring wardrobe. Women's clothing changes from year to year and each spring you have to go through the madness all over again. Take heart not all the pieces of women's clothing you purchased last spring have to be discarded. You just have to buy new pieces that will mix well with the ones you have.
You can take a few staple garments and add accessories that will make them work for this season as well. If you have never though about this concept it is easy and economical. You start by going through your closet (sometimes it helps to invite a friend who will be honest with you) look at what is in there.
Try things on to assess whether they are flattering to you or just taking up space.
Recycle anything that isn't going to be worn this season.
Now that you have your staple pieces start an investigation of what is going to "hot" this spring. Pick pieces of women's clothing that will mix and match with what you already have this way you turn what would have been five outfits into seven or even double the number. Buying separates rather than suited pieces can stretch your wardrobe immensely.
Invest in one or two of the more trendy pieces of women's clothing always with an eye toward what you can make it work. The corsets on the outside is a look that is big right now and you can even wear this over a hot T-shirt or a classy dress shirt to get that young pop star vibe going for a night out on the town. Buy them with the beautiful laces for dressy occasions or button down for a more casual look.
Be warned that not all of the new fashion trends in women's clothing will work for everyone. Just because something looks good on a friend doesn't mean it will translate well to your body type.
Back for another turn in women's clothing fashions is the bodysuit. They are perfect when you want to achieve that layered look. Or simply wear them with the low-rider jeans. This look is more about sex appeal without flesh appeal. The bodysuit has been in the fashion vernacular at various points from the '60 until now.
They are versatile garments that can be dressy or playful changing the vibe of and outfit at a moment's notice.
Now that you see how adding a few new pieces to the women's clothing fashions you already have can keep you in step with the fashion trends of the new season try looking for some of them online.
That is where the bargains are and buying online you can get the latest fashions from around the world for a lot less. Before shopping online you should already have an idea of what women's clothing fashions look best on you.
Take your measurements and have them with you when shopping online because garments from different manufacturers are slightly different in cut.
Discover the latest styles and designs available at women's Clothing. Find quirky fashionable tops, dresses, jackets and outfits for the lady who wishes to stand out from the crowd.
Check out Women's Clothing for more information on fashionable stylish designs.

Clues That You Need to Dress Fashionable In A Down Economy

Even though the economy is looking on the down side these days, doesn't mean you have to dress like the down economy.
Did you know that you can look fashionably elegant without depriving yourself? To look fashionable like a million plus does not mean you'll have to spend lots of money that's not readily available to get the latest fashion trends that in a few months just might be out of style.
To upscale your fashion wardrobe may take a little time, but it will surely be worth it. Just like seasons come and go it's the same in the fashion industry. What is most important to remember is there will always be certain fashion designs that never go out of style.
These are the fashions that represent class and elegance:
  • The fabrics are 100% wool, cotton and silk.
  • The styles are tailored, embroidered and seam stitched.
  • The basic colors and outfits to look for as you build your million dollar plus wardrobe should include:
  • black and navy pants, white blouse and sweater
  • a sultry black dress that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.
You can always add to the mix a couple of designs and colors that bring out the real feminine side of you. The main rule to follow is to see the fashionable woman inside of you and let your creativity flow!
Where do you begin to upscale your wardrobe?
Start with a secondhand store. Not just any old secondhand store commonly referred to as a thrift store. You want to check out upscale consignment shops for your clothes and accessories.
Here is how you do it:
  • Looking for fall clothes, they typically hit the racks in July and they start getting marked down by around September. If you buy a sweater by October or November you can save up to 75%!
  • Usually most consignment shops will provide you two great things affordable and high quality clothes. When you know the right time to purchases you can have a fashionable wardrobe throughout the year.
  • The secret is to buy at the end of every season because that's when prices are marked down. To build some fashionable outfits add pieces as the season progresses and the prices fall.
  • If you are not into the consignment shopping go to clearance sales, at target malls, boutiques and outlets.
  • Remember to always do your shopping early in the morning when there are less people and the best buys aren't sold yet.
You can't forget about accessorizing your upscale outfits.....
This can be very easy because you may not have to purchase anything. You probably already have what you will need a scarf, necklace, belt, or pin. These are a few of the things that can do the job. It's called accenting you and your outfit with a finishing touch.
It is so important that despite the economy or what's happening in your world, you can look fabulously fashionable despite what your pocketbook is saying. Take a look in the mirror and see a woman ready to make a fashion statement that says I'm Beautiful, Bold, Confident, Fearless, Happy, Sexy, and Successful. Go for it!

Fashion History - How Historical Events Influenced Fashion in the 1930's and 1940's

History and world events often create fashion trends. We can not always see it in the lives that we are leading now, in the present; but it is sometimes easier when we look into the past.
The 1930's was a time of frugality known as the Great Depression, a world wide economic downturn that put people out of work and effected every part of their lives. In the United States, nearly one quarter of the population was unemployed. Bank failures caused people to lose their life savings.The new austerity must have been a heavy blow for the people who had just lived through the Roaring Twenties, a time of heady spending and extravagance.
Women's fashions made a big change when the economy went south. The exotic frippery of the Jazz Age soon disappeared to be replaced by more simple styles of dress. Waistlines rose and hems fell, as they often do in bad economic times. While a sleek elegance gained popularity, it was a much more subdued look, classic and understated after the exaggerated styles of the 1920's.
Hollywood offered women a glimpse of glamor, but even the luxurious Hollywood styles had a quieter tone. Gone were the short skirts, long necklaces, and feathers of the 20's. Evening gowns of the Great Depression hugged the hips and widened at the hem, creating an elegant and graceful silhouette.
By the end of the 1930's, Adolph Hitler had risen to power in Germany. This worldwide threat, along with the ensuing war had an effect on fashion trends of the 1940's. As nations were invaded, or went off to war, supplies and materials that went into the creation of clothing fell short. When Germany invaded France, Paris lost its influence over the world of fashion. People in the Allied countries saw the fashion designers of Paris as working in cooperation with the Nazis.
The governments of both Britain and the United States placed restrictions on the production of clothing as cloth and other items needed for garment manufacture were needed by the military. Due to fabric rationing, dress and skirt hemlines rose. Buttons were used for functional purposes only, and lapels narrowed. Women who had lived through the austerity of the Great Depression made jackets and coats out of old blankets, remade dresses, and generally 'made do' with 'war wise' clothing styles.
It was not until after World War II ended that clothing styles became more extravagant. When Christian Dior unveiled his 'New Look' in 1947, people were shocked at the amount of fabric used to create the long, antebellum style skirts and wide brimmed hats.

Plan a Halloween Party With Asian Flair

Standing in a satin gown, apple green jade decorates her wrists, ears and hair, several gold rings glimmer on her left hand...not the typical Halloween Pirate Costume you might imagine, but according to Aleko E. Lilius author of I sailed with Chinese Pirates, it would be historically correct for the Queen of the Macau Pirates Lai Choi San.
Her name translates to "Mountain of Wealth". She had inherited the business from her father, who had died in battle. He had owned seven armored junks when he died, in time Lai Choi San added five more to her fleet. She was actually given some refuge by the authorities and considered as Inspector, protecting the fishing fleets and doing general cleanup of the South China Sea.
Lai Choi San was considered by many to be ruthless, perhaps even cruel, yet many thought of her as a Chinese Robin Hood. She was also one of the wealthiest pirates along the China Coast in the 1920s.
Many believe that the character Missee Lee found in the Arthur Ransome novel Swallows and Amazons is an adaptation of this pirate Queen. Milton Caniff, author of Terry and the Pirates may have used Lai Choi San as inspiration for The Dragon Lady.
We can use her as inspiration for our Halloween Party
Invitations can be made to look like a piece of a treasure map. Crumpling up a large sheet of paper and aging it with coffee or tea will give a realistic effect. Using the keywords 'make a treasure map' query an Internet search for ideas and directions. Send separate pieces of the map to your guests, along with the time, date, and directions to your secret location. Request that that they bring the invitation along with tribute to the Queen of the Pirates. In keeping with the Lai Choi San /Chinese Robin Hood legend, request that tribute be paid in the form of a nonperishable food item, which you could later donate to a food bank or church.
Decorations can be simple or elaborate. Halloween lights, Christmas lights, Chinese lanterns, Asian wall hangings, plastic pirate sabers, can create a festive yet spooky atmosphere. Children could draw or paint pictures of Chinese Junks or Chinese symbols that could decorate the walls. Music could be added if you wished, perhaps the sound of beating drums or some new age music could be used.
Costumes need not cost an arm or a leg, or bleed the pocket dry. Ha! Asian styled clothing is quite fashionable today, and if used as a costume can be economically frugal, considering it could be worn numerous times throughout the year. The Lai Choi San costume could be an Asian inspired robe, a traditional Qi Pao or Cheongsam or Chinese halter or blouse with costume jewelry, pearls or jade. The man of the house could be dressed as the Captain of a freighter. Dressed in white shirt, dark pants and maybe a captains hat or knitted hat, adding a fake beard or mustache, perhaps an eye patch could complete the look for this character.
Guests or children could wear a simple black T-shirt and a red bandana, and perhaps a toy cutlass could hang from their side or back.
Refreshments: Hot or cold tea, cider, or fruit punch along with Asian appetizers could be served. A melon could be quartered (ha!) to resemble a Chinese Junk, egg rolls could be 'ships guns', and melon balls could be 'shot'. Imagination is key here.
Entertainment: Stories and songs could be revised with an Asian theme, Pin the Sail on the Chinese Junk could be played, and if weather permits a treasure hunt, using the pieces of map sent to the guests. In true pirate code the treasure would be divided between the guests.
Piracy on the High Seas continues to be an ongoing menace to the safety of crew members and maritime operations, and should certainly be considered as an ugly growth to be cut away by a social cutlass. However, Pirates will always be somewhat romanticized by song and story. Pirates and treasure will always be part of Halloween


How Pattern Affects Clothing

How many articles have we read about color? Are we a Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall and are we wearing the right colors to suit us? It is important to know which colors look good on us, because we don't want to buy things and not wear them. That is a waste of money. Color is one determining factor. Not as much is written about pattern. Not all our clothes are a solid color. Many have patterns. We also need to learn which patterns suit us.
There are 3 things to remember with pattern:
1. Color
2. Scale
3. Design
Let's talk about color first. Most pieces of fabric will have an overall color. If you have trouble seeing it, do the squint test (or if you are as nearsighted as I am, just take off your glasses) When you look at the fabric and squint, you will see the dominant color in the fabric. The color you see should be in harmony with the colors you know look good on you. Some people look terrific in prints on a white background, others look better with a cream or black background.
Scale is how big the print is. For instance, I am crazy about plaid. I'll wear it anywhere on my body. However, it has to be a very small checkered type design or it overwhelms me. The same thing is true for floral prints, geometric designs, etc. Whether you look better in small or large prints will depend on your facial features, your coloring, and your body structure. You can be drawn to an item of clothing because of the color and style, but if the scale of the pattern if wrong, it may end up not being worn.
When I talk about design, I am talking about the lines in the garment. Are they straight or curved? In plaids they are always straight. Floral prints can have gently curved lines, or be very round, depending on the design. Geometric prints vary (circles, squares, triangles, etc), and abstracts can be anything.
Again, what you will look good in will depend on the lines of your body. Is your face angular or round? Is it both? How about your body? Again, do the squint test if you are having trouble trying to determine you body shape.
Develop your sense of pattern. It is just one more tool that will help you to avoid those costly buying mistakes that hang in the back of your closet.

8 Frugal Steps to Look Twenty Years Younger

How would you feel if you were carded at 43 years old? What if you were mistaken for "one of the kids" at age 51. If something like this happened to you, it would be a major boost to your confidence, and make you feel wonderful. It could happen to you. You can look twenty years younger without going into debt by following these 8 simple steps.
Step 1: Update Makeup
That perfect makeup collection you began wearing twenty years ago, is not so perfect any more. I know what you are thinking, "I have received many compliments on my red lipstick over the years." If you wear that red lipstick for too long it seems to take on a life of its own. People will say things like, "There is Aunt Susie, and that red lipstick." Your makeup collection may have looked good on you twenty years ago, but let's face it, you have changed since then, and so has makeup.
A flat red lipstick just isn't fashionable anymore. Don't despair, there's hope for us all. Get out of that red lipstick rut. Next time you go to a department store, get a makeover from a professional beauty consultant. A professional beauty consultant is able to update your look with new makeup choices and techniques; help you choose colors that enhance your face; and recommend new products for overall skin care. Tip: Before purchasing makeup at the department store, check out your local dollar store. You are likely to find the same makeup color combinations there for a whole lot less.
Step 2: Treat Skin
Can't afford those expensive skin care products from the Department store? Don't worry. There may be inexpensive skin care products in your bathroom medicine cabinet that work just as well, or better than department store products. Vitamin E oil is excellent for problem areas on the skin. Doctors recommend using vitamin E products on skin after surgery to promote healing and minimize scarring.
If skin is oily apply vitamin E oil to problem spots only before going to bed. For dry skin use a facial moisturizer containing vitamin E. Clean the face using a facial cleanser. Avoid using deodorant soaps, especially on the face. Deodorant soaps dry the skin. Underarm deodorants and fragrances eliminate the need for deodorant soap. We are fortunate that most people use both. A moisturizing soap can be used on the face and body. Dampen a cotton ball in witch hazel astringent to remove excess oil from the face. Before applying makeup, apply an oil-control moisturizer to the face to prevent shine.
Step 3: Brighten Smile
Don't forget about your smile. A beautiful, white smile gives you a youthful appearance. An inexpensive way to whiten teeth and protect gums is by brushing with a baking soda and peroxide solution. Another inexpensive option for whitening teeth is using whitening products, such as white strips and whitening trays. You could even have teeth whitening procedures, performed by your dentist.
Step 4: Update Hair Style
The belief that short hair looks better on older women is a myth. As we age our skin begins to loosen and sag. This transformation is more evident if the hair is in a short style. We can do wonders to our face with the perfect makeup collection and techniques, and we can do even more with the perfect hair style. there is still more we can do. A perfect long-hair style will frame our face, covering imperfections (like a sagging jaw line), and create a softer, youthful look. Just as you update your makeup, you must update your hair style.
If you have been wearing the same hair style for twenty years, it's time for a change. People secretly think that you are stuck in a time warp. That may be why people keep giving you those goofy gifts, thinking that it's something you would like. Wear a "new" hair style often. There are many people sporting grey hair who look absolutely gorgeous. But, we all know that it's not for everyone. For many of us grey hair makes us look older (or our actual age). Let's face it, most people over 30 would rather look younger than their age. So, if you are not one of those people who brave the gray, consider coloring the hair a shade that accents your overall look. See how young you could look by combing a small bang over lines on your forehead.
Step 5: Exercise Regularly
Daily exercise is a sure way to look younger, and stay in overall good health. Visit the local hiker/biker trail in your neighborhood at least three times per week. If you prefer not to exercise outside in cold weather, you can exercise at home by turning to one of the fitness channels on your television. Start with stretches followed by low impact step exercises. Invest in exercise equipment; such as an exercise mat and hand weights ( recommend 5 lbs. for beginners), and a stepper. To avoid injury and health risks, you should "gradually" elevate to higher impact exercises. Once you have reached this stage, join the youngsters in a game of volleyball at your next family reunion. For the rest of the day people will be asking you what you are doing to stay so young.
Step 6: Eat a Balanced Diet
A. Drink Plenty of Fluids
Most illnesses and diseases are directly related to the diet. The first step toward a balanced diet is to drink plenty of fluids. The human body is 80% water. To be at its very best the fluids that are lost must be replaced. If the body fluids are not replaced, it could cause dehydration, and other ailments. Drink plenty of water, and limit consumption of sodas and sugary drinks.
B. Eat Smaller Portions
When eating, remember that the stomach is only as big as the fist. Eat smaller portions by eating from a small plate. Using a smaller plate gives the illusion of eating just as much as before, when in fact, it is half the amount. After a while, you will not miss the large plate of food that you used to eat.
C. Eat Often
Timing is everything. Eating smaller portions will result in eating more often, instead of eating more. So, it's important to plan meals, eating at regular intervals. Planned meals prevents binging and impulse eating. Eat at least three main meals, and two snack-times a day. Avoid eating heavy foods after 6:00.
D. Eat Healthy
Breakfast foods should consist of fruits, milk, and cereals with whole grains. If vitamin D milk is a problem because of lactose intolerance, soy milk is a perfect substitute, and is available in different flavors and varieties. Limit the bacon, eggs and pancakes breakfast to special occasions. Minimize the consumption of red meats in your diet. Red meats are fatty and promotes high cholesterol. Replace red meats with fish and poultry. There is a wide variety of frozen fish available in packages of individually wrapped servings. You can prepare as little, or as much as you like. It only takes a few minutes to prepare, and is microwaveable. Your snack-time products should include fruits, vegetables; tuna; nuts; yogurt; and salads (with a minimal amount of dressing). We all know (or may be) someone that eats salads regularly, but still can't lose any weight.
The problem is not with the individual, the problem is with the dressing. There may be too much of it. If the salad floats in the dressing like fish in a bowl, then there is too much dressing. A typical ranch dressing contains 140 calories (130 are fat calories) per 2 tbsp. serving. The correct use of salad dressing is to season the salad, just as a pinch of hot pepper seasoning adds a little spice to a bowl of chili. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy digestive system. Replace butter with olive oil. A 1 tbsp. serving of butter contains 100 calories; 11 grams of fat; and 33 grams of cholesterol. While a 1 tbsp. serving of olive oil contains 120 calories; 2 grams of fat; and no cholesterol. Olive oil can be used with most recipes that call for butter. A study of heart disease found that people living in locations that regularly use olive oil in food preparation have much lower rates of heart disease. If you must eat after 6:00 p.m., eat something from your snack-time products. Since this is not a diet you can indulge in an "occasional" treat like that double chocolate cake; paired with vanilla ice cream; both smothered in hot fudge; decorated with a strawberry drizzle, and not feel guilty.
Step 7: Update Wardrobe
Remove dated clothes from your closet, and go shopping for new clothes. If you're not up on the latest fashions, enlist the help of someone who keeps up with fashion to go with you. Be sure your clothing choices are age appropriate. You don't have to wear clothes that are too young for you in order to look younger. Make sure your clothes fit. Clothing that is too large or too small are not flattering. In the words of the late James Brown, "Please, please, please, please..." do not wear leggings in public, especially if you are over weight. To put is politely, it is far from flattering. Skinny jeans are an absolute must for a fashionable wardrobe. Other essential items are black slacks, cute jacket, black skirt, white shirt or blouse, and boots. Accessorize with hats, scarves, belts, handbags, and jewelry.
Step 8: Rest
Finally, it is very important to get plenty of rest. At least 8 hours of sleep a night is recommended. Sleep deprivation will cause you to look tired and older than your years. Following these simple steps will create a happy, healthy, and younger looking you. You will be glad you did when you get second looks by men who are young enough to be your... Well, you get the picture.

The Perfect Special Occasion Dress For Plus Size Woman

Plus sized women no longer have to be limited in what they can wear or even the styles of clothing that they can wear. There is a huge industry that is growing at an expanding rate for plus sized clothing that looks and feels stylish and comfortable. There are even some clothing retailers that cater exclusively to plus sized women and their needs in clothing.
Specialty shops are ideal for the plus sized woman to find a great outfit to suit any need and she is much less likely to feel out of place in a snobby boutique that is designed to cater to those under a size ten. These specialty stores provide the plus sized woman the freedom to comfortably choose clothing without feeling out of place or have the disappointment of finding a great outfit that does not come in her size.
In these specialty shops, plus sized women can also benefit from having staff that understand their needs and can give top advice on what styles look great. More stores than ever are coming to realize that providing a first rate service to their plus sized women, make choosing an outfit more relaxed and even an enjoyable experience for all who are involved. With service like this, any consumer is likely to come back again and again.
The latest catwalk designer fashions don't always work well by just being made into a larger size. This is why it is an added bonus to have specialty designers who know how to make plus sized women look great in plus sized outfits that accentuate their best points.
While designers are aware that women in general want glamour in their wardrobe, plus sized designers are also aware of the need for style and glamour, as well as practicality for their women. All women, even plus sized women, like outfits that are designed with fun and style in mind, as well as being eye-catching.

'Tis the Season for Thrifty Shopping and Clothes Dyeing Transformations

It's that empty wallet, broken hearted, gift-giving time of year again. Most people are generous and have spent all their money on shiny and flashy new gifts and gadgets for their closest friends and family, with little resources for the gift-giver to update their holiday wardrobe in time for holiday parties and engagements.
Whether you're looking to treat yourself with what little you have left of your Christmas budget or trying to find a new way to stretch your dollars, have a thrifty mindset. Thrift store racks are full of barely worn formal dresses, cute tops and fashionable bottoms and even expensive jackets that other people have tossed.
A trusted and professional apparel dyeing service can help transform someone else's junk into holiday treasure. With a trusted and professional apparel dyeing service, you can pull even the most faded or stained cocktail or evening dress off the rack. For less than the cost of buying such a prize brand new, a professional dyeing service can color your purchase to almost any hue you desire, expertly and quickly. You'll have a brand new party dress for New Year's Eve for likely less than half the price and less hassle too.
While searching the racks for yourself, consider whether anyone on your gift list would appreciate some dazzling new threads. Though thrift store finds aren't exactly new, once they have been dyed and transformed by a professional dyeing service, no one will be the wiser.
After finishing all your apparel shopping, contact a professional clothes dyeing service to discuss the materials and new colors of your garment pieces. Different materials respond to the clothing dye differently, so it's important to speak with a professional before choosing your colors. You will be able to choose from a wide range of colors, or, if you don't see the color you had in mind, you can send them a swatch of your desired color and they'll match it. A professional dyeing service will get busy working their magic on your pieces straight away and can have them returned to you in as little as just three days.
Don't let a slender wallet ruin your festive mood or your exciting holiday plans. Exercise your frugal muscles at the thrift store, then sit back and relax while a professional dyeing service works its magic turning tired threads into gorgeous garb for your friends, your family and you.
Intimate Dyeing offers over 20 years of professional experience dyeing garments, fabrics, and dresses. They are committed to excellence, speed and quality. Intimate Dyeing dyes all types of dresses including wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and special occasion dresses.


What's Going On In Plus Size Women's Clothing?

These days plus size women's clothing is a quickly expanding industry. Gone are the days when all the fashion houses had to offer was a large flowered dress or a pair of stretchy jeans. These days fashion for larger women is a multinational business that seems to be growing quickly. Most of the larger clothing retailers now cater for those who require plus sizes. Some even have special ranges that are cut more appropriately for the larger figure. This means that it is much easier to follow the current fashions whatever your size. Many retailers now realize that this is a market with a huge potential for profit.
There are also a great many specialists shops for plus size women's clothing. This can be a very reassuring place to shop for the larger customer as they do not feel out of place among all the size tens and can relax and choose from a shop whose clothing range is entirely devoted to people of their size. They can also deal with staff that truly understand their needs and are use to making recommendations on style, fashion, what works and looks good and occasionally great, on their customers. Having well-trained staff who are used to dealing with plus size customers can make the whole shopping experience a lot easier and more fun and many shops are realizing that this is good for business and that it can keep the customers coming back again and again when they know that the staff are helpful and understand their needs.
Not all of the catwalk styles transfer well into plus size women's clothing and it is important that the fashion buyers and designers have a good eye but what works well for the larger customer. Designers that are used to working with this type of fashion will have a much better understanding of what works and looks best for women that wear plus sizes. The more up market specialist shops will have their own designers who can get the best out of the fuller figure and are not merely making larger versions of clothes that have been designed with a smaller shape in mind.
Any good designer for plus size women's clothing, knows that their customers want glamour as well as practicality and that have just as much of a sense of fun and style as those who wear the smaller sizes and will treat them accordingly by making their designs not only stylish and glamorous but also fun and eye-catching. After all everybody wants clothes that will get themselves noticed.


Dressing Well On a Budget

In order to dress well on a small budget it is important to purchase classic styles, instead of very trendy fashion pieces. Choose a combination of colors that flatters you and
purchase separates in these coordinating colors. Dressing monochromatically creates an elegant look. Be sure all of your blacks or navies match completely. Classic color combinations such as brown, robin's egg blue and cream or black, beige and cream create a luxe look.
Buying natural fibers is very important. Try to purchase classic styles on sale in better stores or consignment stores. Purchase cotton, silk, wool or cashmere pieces on sale or at consignment stores. Incredible buys can be found at consignment stores in upscale neighborhoods. Fit is of utmost importance. Always buy pieces for your wardrobe that fit well, if your sew you can alter pieces yourself. If you find a "must have" piece on sale it may be worth investing in alterations to create the perfect fit. Purchase the following items in your classic coordinated colors and mix and match:
Several pairs of flat front, boot leg cut trousers in tan, navy and black.
Boot leg cut trousers never go out of style and are flattering to all figure types.
A pair of boot leg cut jeans that have the waistband slightly below the waist.
A twinset in your complementing color, cashmere if at all possible. Check the consignment stores for this item.
A classic blouse in your complementing color, cream is a good choice here.
A skirt that is of a traditional A line cut.
Classic pumps with a medium heel.
One handbag, sometimes its good to splurge and buy a logo bag, be it Gucci or Coach. Logo bags go in and out of style but basically they upgrade your look and the quality is such that you can carry one for years.
White tee shirts of better quality cotton knit.
A man's tailored white button down shirt.
A denim jacket.
Gold earrings, try to buy 10 carat gold, if not 14 carat gold.
A gold chain link necklace.
The above items are classic pieces and can usually be purchased at better stores at end of the season sales. Mixing and matching the above pieces will create a classic, signature look, that will make you look put together and elegant.


Perfect Clothing Size Matters

Remember, the few days back there was a zero size in clothing, but you may get shocked if you find size smaller than zero. It's true - now fashion designers are coming up with collections sizing minus zero.
Don't have an idea of a minus-zero size women? Well, a good example is the soccer star's wife Victoria Beckham, who has ideal body to easily fit into a minus-zero size. According to one newspaper, her waist is nearly 23 ½ inches. However, the fact is that the population of sliver in America is getting lesser day by day, while the rest are growing in girth and clothing size. American women are certainly growing bigger as a mass. According to leading industry research group, the average woman weighs nearly 155 pounds and is 5 foot 4 inch tall, which is nearly 20 pounds heavier than the woman of 40 years back.
But don't consider that a modern woman is wearing a larger size than her grandmother's size. As per the survey, standard size for a woman of 155 pound woman would be size 16, but thanks to vanity-sizing, she's likely to be wearing size 10 or 12. Today, many companies does not comply standard sizes declared by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), any more. Actually, sizes have been move stealthily a half-inch at a time to that make women feel good by fitting into smaller sizes.
Consider the vanity-sizing as self-illusion factor on a huge group. Women over the 40 finds something wrong if she wears a smaller size at present than she could wear 20 years back. However, many can wear a size 6 pair of Old Navy jeans, even they know that they would not be able to fit into their size 10 Calvin Klein from circa 1980. In fact, it is simply a faith based sizing. People want to believe that they can still slip into a size 6 or 8, no matter if the standard measurement disagrees.
Although, it is very difficult to consider that anyone wishes to be reputed for minus size, as there is concern that the minus zero sizes will become a status symbol for young girls with eating anarchy. Recently, bony models were banned from a runway show in Madrid for being skinny and underweight. The step was taken by the local regulatory, which found that the young girls imitates the models dietary habits and do not take enough food - just become razor thin. However, regardless of the ban, it's difficult to abolish the affect and preference for skinny models - who are still very much in fashion industry.
For any women, this confusing measurement means - "Simply, no answer to the question - what is your size?" Many of them reply - "it depends..." as sizes varies hugely between brands as well time to time. Even, the single sizes vary in a same brand. For e.g. size 8 in Gap is available in four different cuts from curved style to boyish, which is near to the next size. There are also crushingly European small sizes ranging from 34 to 44, that are not possibly fit an average woman in America.
The population of Hispanics and Asians is growing; moreover the aging mass has requirements of new fashion looks. Americans usually get bigger as they pass ages, on the other hand the ethnic mass have completely different proportions. Garment producers are aiming to market their product to a specific mass to make the fits to be different from brand to brand. The concern is that the apparel manufacturers have to match their steps with changing demographics and body sizes found in the U.S.
The solution is, return to reality utilizing standard measurements. However, even that many would love to stick to current sizing charts just to have single-digit sizes rather than returning to double digits. Imagine, the misery of the retailer who would have to tell a 16 size woman that now she has to buy a 22 size. Companies, such as Gap Inc., are targeting to lure both, the smallest and the biggest size buyers, who together make a substantial market portion. In 1990, Gap Inc. unveiled clothing range of size 0 along with introducing a plus-size range for their Old Navy stores at the same time.
Whatever the girth - even the women who fall in between extreme bony and thin should also take heart. If a vanity measurement sustains its movement to downwards at this speed, most of the people would be wearing a minus zero by 2020. Certainly, people will have to rip-out the brands of that size about 10 from this year.
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Plus Size Women's Clothing Now Made Easy, How To Be Frugal and Fashionable

When you are not a size 0-6 finding the right clothing is not as easy for you. Just because you are larger it does not mean you do not want to dress well and be fashionable. Finding plus size clothing that not only looks good but is also affordable can be a daunting task. Plus size clothing is not now nor has it ever been a priority of the fashion industry.
Being frugal does not have to mean you are not fashionable, check out charity shops, end of line sales, and flea markets.
The styles change so quickly that in order for a plus sized woman to keep up she would have to have an unlimited clothing allowance. The same dress style that only cost a minimal amount for someone smaller will be found in the plus size clothing racks for three times that amount.
Plus sized clothing once consisted mainly of those mumu dresses with the garish flowers and pants with rubberized waistbands and jackets that made you look like a box. The times they are a changin' and so are the venues, colors, prices and fabrics used in plus size clothing.
Getting bargain prices is all in where you shop and when. There are ways to maximize your dollars when shopping for plus size clothing just as if you were thin. Buying certain items out of season is a great way to get a fabulous outfit or winter coat at a fraction of the cost.
Being a plus size woman with a sense of style you have to research the clothing industry to see who caters to your size and taste. There are now companies that design and manufacture nothing but plus size clothing.
The best way to maximize each piece is to purchase them so that you can mix and match them. As a plus size woman you have to be aware that keeping up with the latest trends can get costly. Buying quality pieces with a longer shelf life will insure that your wardrobe grows and has a sense of continuity.
Big Beautiful Women must have a more settled wardrobe not one that is eclectic. Finding the plus size garments for the way you live is the key. If you are conservative the wardrobe should be built around a few solid pieces that can be added to through out the years. With plus size clothing the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.
Full figures require more material and this is why the same garment made in a size 6 will cost less than if it is a size 14. Recently there has been a change in the fashion industry at large. There are big name designers who are reaching out to the average woman. They have finally begun to see that the normal size of the females of the world is not zero.
It is also about curves. The clothing that we admire in high fashion could never work for the normal female most of them have curves even if they are smaller in size. Designer fashions seem to be for stick figures and do not translate to those of us with more curvy frames.
Thanks to a few Hollywood and Music celebs this is now being considered.
If you are looking for plus size clothing there is no better place to look than the Internet. There are quite a few online catalog stores that have a great selection of plus size clothing.